What kind of a place is Toyota Ecoful Town?

Under the motto of “The Standards of Tomorrow, Today”, Toyota City has developed a series of broad
initiatives aimed at combining the strengths of its citizens, local regions, and industry to create
an environmentally conscious city that is putting practical measures in place to achieve a low-carbon
emission lifestyle that is comfortable, affordable and waste-free.

To this end, Toyota Ecoful Town was created in an effort to bring the Toyota City initiatives alive
in fun and easy to understand ways. Not only as a place where visitors can experience cutting edge
environmental technology in such various fields as low-carbon lifestyles, transportation, and industry,
Toyota Ecoful Town also plays a role as a center for new industry development.

Guided Tour

What does it mean to be a low-carbon society?
What kinds of cutting edge environmental technologies are there?
What will future modes of transportation look like?

The concierge will provide visitors with a guided tour through the facilities of Ecoful Town and introduce
the Toyota City initiatives for the next generation. Reservations in advance are required,
so please confirm the “Guided Tour Reservation” below.
Visitors can make advance reservations by phone or e-mail, to join a guided tour.


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Address: 3-11 Motoshiro-cho, Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture 471-0024

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○Parking is limited. We ask for your cooperation in using public transportation where possible.
If the parking lot is full, visitors arriving by car will be directed to public parking in downtown Toyota City, where a parking fee is charged.
However, visitors using the Motoshiro Parking Lot will receive 3 hours of free parking. (Please bring your parking ticket with you.)
○For visitors arriving in a chartered bus, please notify us one week in advance of your arrival.

Initiatives to achieve Tomorrow’s Standards, Today

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